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beth writing 30 days without

FIC: "Roll Over, Rodney" (1/1) written for the Gen LFWS #2 Round 3

Title:  Roll Over, Rodney
Author:  maddie_amber
Words:  412
Rating: PG (one three-letter word)
Disclaimer:  Stargate Atlantis and all its characters and settings belong to Metro Goldwyn Meyer.  No infringement intended.
Prompt:  Characters: Any, at least one from the team.  Description: The story must be related to the prompt word 'surprise'. It must have at least one member of the team and any others that you like.

Roll Over Rodney


Rodney McKay hated surprises.  Surprise birthday parties, unexpected lab results that screamed surprise, exploding solar systems that didn’t need to, pregnant women who said surprise this baby is coming and you’re the midwife.

What he hated more were surprises that snuck up on him, like citrus surreptitiously slipped into his Thermos of apple juice when he was in grade school, or the noxious plant he had unknowingly brushed against on this week’s nameless, densely forested planet.  By the time his friends had gotten him back to Atlantis his heart was racing, his throat was swelling shut, and he had something else to add to his list of unknown ‘allergens’, against which even his trusty epi pen seemed to have little effect. 

Now he was back in the infirmary, sucking oxygen through a nasal tube, his face and arms so swollen he looked like a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.   Sheppard, Teyla and Ronon had gone back to the planet to track down a sample of whatever he’d gotten into and Carson was running endless tests to determine the chemistry of the toxin. 

While they searched, his head throbbed, his stomach rolled, and he wished he were dead. He was terrified he would get his wish and would give anything to have Sheppard poke his head through the curtain surrounding his bed and say ‘Surprise, I’ve found the antidote!”  This once, he wouldn’t even complain about the unexpected. 

Just as McKay convinced himself that his demise was imminent there was a new commotion in the infirmary.  Breathless voices conveyed information with staccato rapidity as he strained to hear and understand what was being said. 

Moments, or maybe it was hours later, he did hear a familiar voice.

“Roll him on his side.”

Carson’s muffled words came through the imaginary cotton that seemed to be stuffed in McKay’s ears.  Hands gripped him and gently rolled him onto his side.  He would have protested had he had the slightest bit of energy. 

“Hold still, Rodney,” Carson continued.  “This might sting a bit but it should take care of what’s ailing you.”

“Owww!” Rodney yelped as the needle stung his backside.

“Sorry, it needed to go into a large muscle mass.”

“Large muscle mass, my ass.” Rodney moaned as the injection burned through his left buttock.

“Precisely,” Carson said. 

And while he couldn’t see Carson’s smile, McKay could hear the chuckle in the good doctor’s voice.  Rodney McKay most definitely did not like surprises.