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beth writing 30 days without

FIC: What Goes Up (1/1) written for Gen LFWS Round 2


Title: What Goes Up
Author: maddie_amber
Word Count: 304
Ratting: PG
Warnings and Spoilers:  None.  Set after “Enemy at the Gate”
Disclaimer:  All canon characters from Stargate Atlantis belong to belong to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., no infringements of any rights is intended. 
Prompt for Round Two: Anyone from Earth, plus Ronon and/orTeyla.  Write a fic taking place on Earth having anyone from Earth and also having Ronon and/or Teyla 


 What Goes Up


Glancing over his shoulder Lorne checked on Ronon.   Dressed in borrowed blue jeans and an oversized Led Zeppelin tee shirt, Ronon looked as out of place and uncomfortable as Lorne imagined he felt.  Confined to the city while Atlantis floated in the middle of the bay, Ronon had been as edgy as a caged panther.  Sheppard was up to his ears in high level debriefings so it fell to Lorne to occupy the Satedan.  Lorne had managed to get permission from the brass to take Ronon out of the city for the weekend and had come here hoping to distract him at least temporarily. 

 “This place is for civilians?” Ronon asked

 Lorne nodded.

 “For training?”

 “Sorta.” Lorne was hedging.  “It’s a place to test their skills and courage.”

 “This is…fun?”

 “For some.  Just like sparring is fun for you. A way to relieve stress.”

 “So what do we do?”

  “For now, just sit.”  Lorne pointed to the seat.  “And buckle the safety strap.”

 “Can’t be very challenging with a safety strap,” Ronon grumbled.

 “That’s to protect the people below if you fall out,” Lorne answered sarcastically. 

Lorne settled into the seat in front of Ronon as the car began its slow ascent.  From past experience he knew the view from the peak would be spectacular.  As they slowly approached the summit, Lorne heard Ronon ask, “Where is the challenge in this….?”

As they crested the top Ronon’s last word was drawn into a long, startled whoop of sheer delight.  With a death defying rush they dropped 310 feet, at an 80 degree angle, hitting 93 miles per hour.   Almost like a steep dive in an F18, Lorne thought. As they reached the first blackout tunnel and spun into a double right corkscrew, Lorne whooped too, thinking, Ronon, meet roller coaster.  Roller coaster, meet Ronon.