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beth writing 30 days without

FIC: Shama - (1/1) written for Gen LFWS Round One

Title: Shama
Author: maddie_amber
Rating: PG
Word Count: 206
Spoilers:  None
Disclaimer:  All canon characters from Stargate Atlantis belong to belong to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., no infringements of any rights is intended.  OCs are mine. 
Prompt for Round One:  OC fest.  OCs only.  Write any story, but only using original characters. You may mention others very briefly, but only the OCs can participate in the main plot.




Shivering, she clutched Shama’s warm body to her as a whimper built in her throat.  She stuffed the ragged sleeve of her coat into her mouth to stifle the sound.  Through the long night, terror had kept her from moving even when the crawlies wiggled over her bare feet and ankles.  Surrounded by cold darkness she had listened to the whine of wraith darts, the awful whisper of the catching ray and the screams.  .  


Was it safe?  There were no more screams.  But then she heard strange voices coming towards her and the whimper started to rise again.   


Shama wriggled from her arms and she tried desperately to hold him, but he was too quick.   Darting out into the daylight Shama began to bark in his sharp puppy voice. 


“Damn, what have we here,” laughed the stranger. “Hey, Lieutenant, I don’t suppose we could take a puppy back to Atlantis.”


“I don’t know.” 


“No,” she screamed.  She scrambled out from under the house, scooped up Shama and looked defiantly at the men dressed in splotchy green.  “You can’t have him.”


“So,” the same man spoke again, “do you think Dr. Weir would let us bring home a puppy if it had a little girl attached?”