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beth writing 30 days without

FIC Drabble Prompt #8 - Surprise

Drabble Prompt #8 - Surprise
Characters: Beth, Daryl, Judith
Words: 316
Rating: G
Set in the Prison

Beth heard the rustle of fabric outside the curtain that separated her small cell from the corridor and looked up as a shadow paused on the other side.

“It’s okay,” she called softly. “I’m still awake if you want to come in. But please be quiet. Judith just went to sleep.” Beth held the infant in her arms rocking gently back and forth, a motion so natural and maternal she barely noticed she was doing it. There were times she wished she had a rocking chair like the one her momma had. She loved to share that rocking chair with her mother, its soothing rhythm as much a comfort as her momma’s soft warm arms. When she was five or six, she dubbed it her ‘reading chair’ because they would sit in it for hours while Momma read to her.

Beth waited for a response. She knew the shadow was still outside her door. Slowly, a hand parted the curtain and Daryl Dixon pushed his head and shoulders through the opening. That was as far as he ever entered her domain, and always cautious or nervous being alone her. As though she were royalty and he too lowborn to be in her company. She could sense his discomfort, and wanted to dispel it.

“Got back from the run okay I see.”

“Yeah. Got somethin’ for Lil Ass Kicker.” Reaching through the curtain Daryl set a small sack on the end of Beth’s bottom bunk. “You have a good night now.” His disappeared and she heard his soft footfalls retreating down the steel walkway.

Beth rose carefully and put Judith into her crib, making sure she was still asleep, then picked up the bundle. She smiled as soon as she felt its shape and weight. “You always surprise me, Mr. Dixon,” she said to herself. Inside the package were half a dozen children’s picture books waiting to be read.