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beth writing 30 days without

FIC - The Walking Dead - Drabble - Clean - PG

Title: Clean
Character: Beth, Daryl
Words: 320
Rating: PG
Set after the prison collapse but before "Still"


Clean, glorious, clean! Beth could almost hear a stage full of pre-pubescent boys singing at the top of their collective lungs about how wonderful it was to be clean. Except, they had done the play Oliver the last year she had gone to school. She knew, in the musical, the orphans were actually singing ‘food, glorious, food’ which sounded equally good to her. Beth had nothing against being dirty. She grew up on a working farm where dirt was just part of the growing up process. The wonderful thing about getting ‘gloriously’ dirty, was the glory of washing it all off. City folk would never understand how refreshing dirt free truly felt after a body had been covered with sweat and mud and cow shit all at the same time. Yes, washing it all off was a feeling close to heaven.

Beth felt that grungy now. Like she would never again be clean. She and Daryl had been on the road for days, and all she wanted was to find a well or small stream so she could at least wash her face and hands. It hadn’t even rained enough to rinse off the top layer of filth that caked her skin. And spending most of the night in the trunk of a car, in the mid-summer night’s heat was a nightmare not a dream. If she hadn’t been so terrified of the walkers that stumbled and crashed around that car all night, she might have noticed how wretched she and Daryl both smelled. That’s probably why the walkers never noticed their presence. They smelled like walkers themselves.

She sighed deeply and audibly. Much to her surprise Daryl turned and gave her a look. It was the first reaction of any kind she’d gotten out of him in days. She opened her mouth to explain, then closed it immediately. Something told her, Daryl would never quite understand her dilemma.