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beth writing 30 days without

FIC: Unlikely Courage (1/1)

Title: Unlikely Courage
Author:  maddie_amber
Rating:  PG
Prompt:  Last Fiction Writer Standing Challenge Prompt 6  Theme: Teyla Challenge
Word count: : 400 exactly   Characters: Teyla (POV) and any female(s) – Sam, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Teldy, Vega, Porter, Mehra, Heightmeyer… Description: Write a whump fic using Teyla and any female character(s). Teyla POV.
Disclaimer:  Stargate: Atlantis and all its characters are the property of MGM.  No infringement intended.
Spoilers:  None.
Summary:  Under fire.  Sometimes the least likely person…
Notes: Set before “Quarantine”

Unlikely Courage


Unlikely Courage

By, maddie_amber


Her precious plant samples scattered to the ground as Teyla knocked Katie Brown into a small depression in the forest floor. A hail of arrows cut the air where they had stood moments before.  She ignored the stunned look on the Katie’s face as the front of the other woman’s uniform darkened with the unmistakable color of blood. 
“I’m sorry,” Teyla murmured.  “Are you hurt?”

“No.  I’m fine.”  Katie shook with fear as she looked at the front of her blood splattered uniform.  Then her eyes widened in absolute terror as she saw the fletched end of the arrow protruding from Teyla’s upper chest. 

“Teyla you’ve been hit!” 

Her mouth continued to move but Teyla, could not hear for the roaring of the blood in her ears.  She tried to bring her P90 up but her right arm would not move.  The arrow shifted deep within her causing more blood to spurt onto Katie’s once pristine uniform.  Too much blood, Teyla thought.  She shifted her weapon to her left hand, bringing it awkwardly up and ready, her right arm limp at her side, as she shielded Katie with her body. 

Teyla’s struggled to remain focused, lightheaded and aware of the spreading warmth soaking her uniform.  A dull lassitude crept through her and she offered no resistance as Katie wiggled from underneath her.  Keeping her head low, Katie leaned over her, terror and concern etched across her face.  Then she tapped the comm unit in her ear, and some of the fear melted away.  “Hurry, please, Teyla’s been shot.” 

Katie’s words came thorough a dull fog.   

“Teyla?”  She gently nudged Teyla’s good shoulder to be sure she had her attention.  “That was Colonel Sheppard.  He and Ronon and Rodney…uh, Dr. McKay…are coming.  Hang on, Teyla.  They’ll be here soon.   

Teyla nodded, tried to smile, to reassure the frightened woman that she understood.  To her surprise a look of grim determination replaced the fear in Katie’s eyes.   

“You’re going to be okay,” Katie said, gently easing the P90 from Teyla’s weakening grip.  The weapon looked odd in the botanist’s hands, as she handled the gun with reverent fear.  Her other hand, stained with Teyla’s blood, smoothed the hair from Teyla’s face, and then clasped her left hand firmly.   

“I’ll protect you until they come.”  Her words were reinforced by the distant chatter of automatic weapons fire.  “Just hold on to me.”