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Beth Amber

FIC: The Walking Dead Drabbles - Maybe Just a Handshake

TITLE: Maybe Just a Handshake
PROMPT: #1 Introductions

Beth heard their approach long before she saw them. The deep, throaty rumble of the motorcycle cut through the silent stillness of the fields and hills. A primal sound felt as much as heard, deep in your bones and nerves. It took courage to ride something that loud these days but Daddy said all motorcycle riders where careless. He didn’t trust anyone who wouldn’t put their body safely inside the steel fortress of a good truck. So whoever was riding that bike was already down low in her father’s estimation. It didn’t seem to bother Daddy when she jumped on a horse bareback and took off across the fields, racing fast as the wind. What was the difference?

As they turned into the long drive and came into view, Jimmy placed his body between her and the newcomers. Since her big brother had – gotten sick – Jimmy had taken it upon himself to be her self-appointed protector. Sometimes she resented his assumption that she was his to protect. Like now. She just wanted to see these new people who were friends of Rick and Lori. Truth be told she wanted to see who had the audacity to ride the bike.

There probably wouldn’t be any introductions. Daddy said these people wouldn’t be around long enough to get to know. That didn’t make her any less curious.


Duh. I thought I had posted it to the comm. I'll check that out when I get home. Sorry for the inconvenience.