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beth writing 30 days without

FIC: Not on My Watch (1/1)

Title: Not on My Watch
Author:  maddie_amber
Rating:  PG
Genre:  Action
Prompt:  Last Fiction Writer Standing Challenge Prompt 5  Theme: Rodney Challenge   Word count: 400 exactly  Characters: Rodney (POV) with either Ronon OR Teyla   Description: Write any fic using Rodney with either Ronon OR Teyla. Rodney POV.
Disclaimer:  Stargate: Atlantis and all its characters are the property of MGM.  No infringement intended.
Summary:  Rodney and Ronon and a race to save their teammates. 

Thanks again to Gyrmalcyn for the beta (this and my preceding three entries)



Not on My Watch


Not On My Watch

By,  maddie_amber


What made him think he could stand between a pissed off Satedan and whatever it was he wanted to annihilate?   

Rodney McKay flinched away from the raw fury on the Satedan’s face, pretended he wasn’t being held six inches off the ground by the front of his uniform and tried desperately to remember why he thought he could, or should, stop Ronon from killing the man who was now an unconscious gray heap at their feet.  Well, at Ronon’s feet since his were still six inches off the ground.  “Killing him won’t help,” Rodney repeated.

With a sound that was half grunt, half growl Ronon released his shirt front and he dropped to the floor, hard.  Ronon rounded on the door and slammed his fist into the polished surface. 

"That won’t do them any good either.”  McKay said, hoping Ronon was too consumed by battle rage to hear the quaver in his own voice. 

The Satedan drew his weapon and took aim at the silent obstruction.

“No,” Rodney surprised himself with the force of his command.  He saw the muscles tighten in Ronon’s forearm.  His trigger finger clenched.   

“Give me one reason.”

Rodney sucked in a harsh breath, “You could damage the control circuits.  I wouldn’t be able to open the door.”

“You’re NOT opening it.”

Ronon turned to McKay.  The look in his eyes mirrored the creeping despair in the scientist’s heart.  On the other side of the door, the image of Sheppard and Teyla was seared into McKay’s memory.  They were besieged by enemy soldiers, wounded and bleeding and while they were going down with guns blazing, they were still going down.  Sheppard had shoved him through the door into Ronon’s arms just as the steel bulkhead crashed closed with a ringing finality.

Rodney turned to the closest console, shaking fingers flying over its surface.  This underground complex had a sophisticated sound system.  If he could manipulate the output maybe he could create a sonic disturbance that would have the same effect as a flash-bang without the flash.  Their team mates would be immobilized also, but that was better than dead.  Then all they had to do was open the door and pull them to this side and safety. 

With confidence that belied his fear he finished the final data input.  “Get ready.  I’m opening the door.” They aren’t going to die, McKay thought.  Not on my watch.


(The End)