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beth writing 30 days without

FIC - Primeval - When Walls Come Tumblng Down (3/3) PG, Becker/Jess

Title: When Walls Come Tumbling Down

Author: maddie_amber

Words: 6957

Rating: PG

Summary/Prompt: The prompt pretty well summarizes the story. 

The Prompt: Something angsty. Jess is injured in an accident away from the ARC but the team doesn't know about it. When the team realizes she's very overdue is there a massive scramble to find her. Once they find out what's happened will this finally make Becker admit how he feels?

When Walls Come Crashing Down

“I think it’s sweet.  And I don’t mean that as a pun.”

The voice, a woman’s voice, drifted out of the murmur of sound surrounding her.  She was barely aware of the voices, surprised she could understand the words.  Adrift in a wash of hushed sounds that felt like a whisper of waves lapping against the shore a soft in and out, she floated on sentences devoid of words yet soothing in their presence.  And she was warm.  Wonderfully, delightfully warm.  She did not have the energy to open her eyes.  Yet she was certain she was safe and allowed herself to give in to the drowsiness that tugged her back into the gentle arms of sleep.

# # #

“He’s been here the entire night.”

This time the words were accompanied by the swishing sound of fabric and a soft movement of air. 

“I suggested he go to the vacant room next to the visitor’s lounge and get some sleep, but he insisted on staying right here.”

“Such devotion.”

“Charming really.  But he’s going to have a stiff neck when he wakes up.”

Reluctantly Jess forced her eyes open.  The distinctive scent of disinfectant lingered in the air and the bleep of a monitor behind her told her she had to be in the hospital.  Her body felt light, afloat, pain free and warm.  She tried to focus on the movement beside her but could barely focus her eyes.

“Well, look here,” said the first voice.  “Miss Parker, I see you’ve decided to rejoin the living.” 

The woman had slowly become less a shapeless blob and more a distinct person as Jess struggled to bring her eyes into line.  She tried to speak, but all that came out of her mouth was a ragged croak.

“Now, now,” said the second voice soothingly, “Don’t try to talk just yet.  Let me get you a drink of water.”

Jess felt a straw pressed against her lips and she took a tentative sip, then a deeper draught realizing how thirsty she was.  “Where…”

“You’re in the hospital,” said the same soothing voice.  “You were injured in an accident.  Your car went off the road in the weather, but you’re safe now.”

Jess found herself focusing on the identification badge that was inches from her face, pinned to the front of blue hospital scrubs.  Emma Watts it read.

“How?” she asked, her voice still scratchy, but not an unintelligible croak.

“This nice young man came in with you.  That’s all we know.”

Jess forced herself to look beyond Nurse Watts’ name badge to the figure they had been fussing over when she had awoken.  Slowly the dark blur solidified into an identifiable face and shape.  Becker, she thought. 

“He’s been with you all night.” Nurse Watts continued talking while she noted readings on several monitors, and adjusted the flow of the IV that was slowly dripping into Jess’s arm.   “Except for a short time when he slipped out and came back with a lovely chocolate rose for you.”

Ms. Watts motioned to the foil wrapped confection standing in a slender white vase on her bedside table.  “Quite sweet, we thought.  No pun intended.  Now, dearie, tell us on a scale of one to ten, are you experiencing any pain?”

“No,” Jess answered.  “A well drugged zero would be my answer.”  She truly was pain free. 

“Shall I wake him?”

Jess shook her head, “No.” She yawned.  “I think I’ll join him.”

# # #

Warm hands caressed hers, fingers making gentle soothing motions on the surface of her palm in a slow circular movement.  She drifted in that pleasant half awareness on the verge of wakefulness loathe to actually pull herself back to consciousness, tempted to simply slip back into blissful sleep.  But something about the persistent gentleness of her hand holding companion forced her eyes to open.

The room was dark, except for a low light on the bedside table and the glow from the monitors next to the bed.  Her eyes focused more quickly this time, which she hoped was a good sign. 

Becker smiled encouragingly.  “We’ve been waiting for you to rejoin us,” he said softly.


“The others were here.  Matt, Connor and Abby.  Several times during the last 24 hours or so.  But you’ve been asleep.  They’ve gone home.  They’ll be back tomorrow.”

“How long?”

“Have you been here?”  Becker shrugged.  “A little over a day.  With luck they’ll let you go home tomorrow or the next day.”

Jess nodded.  “And you.  Have you gone home?”  She suspected she knew the answer, based on the line of stubble along his jaw. 

“I’m fine.”’

“You didn’t have to stay.”

“Yes.”  Becker’s response was almost fierce.  “Yes I did,” he finished more gently.  “I needed to be here when you woke up.”  There was a barely perceptible catch in his voice that caught Jess’s attention as no overt emotional reaction might.  “I needed to be here.  To make sure you were all right.”

Jess wanted to assure him but something about his demeanor kept her silent and expectant.  She found herself holding her breath, her heart pounding.  A few beats faster and the alarms on the heart monitors would bring every nurse on the ward running to her room.  She forced herself to take a deep breath.  Becker’s long silence had begun to unnerve her, when he slowly raised her hand to his lips and kissed it. 

“You scared me to death,” he said in a voice husky with emotion.  “I thought, this time, I’d really lost you.  And I couldn’t bear the thought of that happening…”  His expression crumbled into one of abject despair. 

She knew where his mind had gone in that brief moment, remembering his torment living with the deaths of all those he had lost in the years before she came to the ARC.  Then he seemed to compose himself.

“I couldn’t bear the thought of possibly losing you before I had a chance to tell you,’ he gulped nervously, “how much I love you.” 

This time Jess did suck in her breath, and her heart did begin to pound, right before she felt her face crumple and the tears began to stream down her cheeks.  She sobbed once convulsively, and Becker blanched.

“Oh, God, I’m sorry,’ he blurted, dropping her hand like he had been burned.  “I didn’t mean too…”

“Oh, you fool,” she sobbed, “I’ve been waiting to hear those words since that day Matt tested the EMD on you.”

“You,” he stammered, “you…”

“Yes,” she said her sobs turning into girlish giggles. “Yes.  I love you too.”

At the sound of her declaration Becker began to grin, a face splitting joyful smile that she felt reflected on her own lips. 

Cautiously, taking great care not to jostle her IV Becker’s arms slid around her and he folded her into his embrace, kissing her on the top of the head.  “I should have said so months ago.” He murmured fiercely into her hair. 

“Doesn’t matter,” she murmured sleepily, “You’ve said it.  And there’s no taking it back.”  She emphasized each word by poked him gently in the chest with her index finger, as she settled into the security and warmth of his arms, nuzzling into his chest and inhaling the scent of him.  I’ll never be cold again, she thought.  She felt him kiss the top of her head again and she turned her head upwards to look into his eyes alight with joy and fierce with emotion.  Time for a proper kiss, she thought as she pulled his face down to hers.  The nursing staff be damned.  And vaguely, through the rush of blood in her ears, she heard a monitor alarm, and the sound of rushing footsteps.

The End


The End


*HUGS* Oh thank you, this was very much worth the wait and please don't feel bad about it being an easter present. I understand all too well about back and hand issues. I just hope you are feeling better.

And just because it needs to be said again, I LOVE THIS! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!
I'm so glad you enjoyed this! I really, really wanted to finish the story and not disappoint you. I haven't had a very good run of luck finishing stories of late. And this one was first on my list so it felt very good to finally be able to post it.
That was a lovely story, very tense and exciting, and then a lovely sweet ending. Very enjoyable.

I know it's a long time after Christmas, but it's great that you carried on and got this done after all the problems - I hope you're feeling better now. Personally I love the fact that we didn't get all the stories at once and they've been spread out so that we get them over a longer time.
Well, better very late than never finished. Now, maybe I can get to that stack of started stories that have been gathering dust on my hard drive for a long time. LOL And, I'm feeling much better thank you.
This is a fabulous story!

Thank you.
Just lovely.

Really enjoyed this.
thanks for pointing us in this direction. I enjoyed this very much.
This was so beautifully sad. I loved Abby in this, and how she urged Becker to be there for Jess and admit how he feels.
Lovely story!