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beth writing 30 days without

FIC: Escape (1/1)

Title: Escape
Author:  maddie­_amber
Rating:  PG
Prompt:  Last Fiction Writer Standing Challenge Round 4.  Theme: John Challenge    Word count: 400 exactly.  Description: Write a whump fic with John and one of his team. John POV.   Characters: John (POV) with Ronon OR Teyla OR Rodney 
Disclaimer:  Stargate: Atlantis and all its characters are the property of MGM.  No infringement intended.
Spoilers:  None 





By, maddie­_amber


John Sheppard careened through the dense underbrush.  Branches switched his face and torso; gnarled roots tangled his feet and threatened to send him crashing to the forest floor.  Driven with a madman’s purpose to put as much distance between himself and his captors as possible, he staggered to the edge of a small stream sliding down the muddy embankment losing his balance and plunging into the icy water.  Submerging his arms in the frigid water of the stream brought a rush of agony, before the icy bath began to numb the throbbing pain.  The shock brought him quickly to his senses.  He looked at his hands, swollen from being bound, his wrists rubbed raw from repeated attempts to free himself, the tender flesh of his inner arms welted and bruised from being struck again and again as they interrogated him.  He had to keep moving.

 He stood and stumbled downstream, splashing through the chill water until he came to an overhanging cluster of roots that formed a small depression in the steep bank.  Hunkering down, he pressed himself into the space, cradling his injured arms against his abdomen, suppressing a shudder and forcing his labored breathing to slow.  He would not be captured again.  Straining his ears, he could make out the sound of one set of footsteps, cautiously stepping in the water, following his track.  He could take out one enemy.  A shadow moved across the water.  Tensing he sprang outward as a figure moved across the opening of his hiding place. 

They both crashed into the water. 


“Teyla.”  A rush of relief filled him. 

Teyla struggled to her feet, and gripped his arm to help him up.  He flinched at the contact, and she gently turned his arm over, her face darkening when she saw the mottled bruises and deep lacerations.   

“I ordered you back to Atlantis,” he said, failing miserably to project a stern reprimand.

“We went to Atlantis,” she said firmly.  “And we returned with re-enforcements to rescue you.  You are safe now.” 

Shock and the pain overcame the adrenalin and he began shivering violently.  Teyla stripped off her tac vest and fatigue jacket tossing the latter over his shoulders.  It was damp, but offered some warmth. 

“We need to get you back to the Stargate.” 

He could see the concern in the Athosian woman’s dark eyes. 

“Help me up,” he said.  “And, Teyla, thanks.”




<the end>