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beth writing 30 days without

FIC - Primeval 100 Challenge 208 - Getting Married (Drabble K+)

Title: “Speak Now, or Forever…”
Author: maddie_amber
Spoilers: none
Character:  Matt
Summary: Matt finally realizes the key to preserving the future is in the past.  Response to Primeval 100 prompt  208 “getting married.”
Disclaimer: The characters of Primeval belong to someone else I’m just borrowing them for a moment or two.
Warnings: none

“Speak Now, or Forever…”


Slipping through the dreary alley he entered the cathedral.  Silently he apologized to all those he had failed because he was blinded by emotion he swore he did not feel.

Ethan had never been the harbinger of destruction.  That enemy had not yet been conceived much less born.  By allowing her to return to her own time, he had relinquished his hold on the key their future.  The child she would now bear would father the son who would destroy their world. 

He had one opportunity to salvage this mission.  In her time, Emily was about to marry.  Matt could not allow that.