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beth writing 30 days without

FIC - Primeval - One to Save - Drabble, K+ (1/1)

Title:One to Save
Author:  maddie_amber
Word Count” 100
Character: Becker
Rating: 12
Disclaimer:  Primeval and all its characters belong to someone else (Impossible Pictures) I’m just borrowing them for a very short time. 
Summary:  Response to Challenge 207 – cold blood

One to Save


In the cold dawn, the riflescope’s green laser dot never wavered from the temple of the perpetrator’s skull. 

To draw down on another human being and not pull the trigger required nerves of steel, training and emotional control.  Discipline forged through years of training.

To subsequently fire upon that human being required cold blooded calculation and a deep understanding of the consequences of one’s actions. 

When that person was holding a gun to the head of someone he cared deeply about Captain Hilary Becker’s heart pumped ice.  One bullet would end her life, one would save it. 

Becker pulled the trigger.