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beth writing 30 days without

Fic: This Czech Don't Reel (1/1)

Title: This Czech Don’t Reel Rating: K+ Disclaimer: Stargate: Atlantis and all its characters are the property of MGM. No infringement intended. Spoilers: None LFWS #1 ROUND 3: No-dialog Challenge Word count: 500 max. Not one word over. Characters: Choose any from the following – Teyla, Lorne, Radek, Woolsey, Chuck and Sam Description: Choose from two to all characters from the list and write a story in which there is no dialogue at all. There must be social interaction, but you can’t write any dialog. No other characters allowed, but can be mentioned. This Czech Don’t Reel Radek landed on his backside with a resounding whump. Stifling a laugh, and never missing a step, Lorne reached down and hauled the cursing Czech to his feet. That’s gonna bruise, Lorne thought. It never ceased to amaze him how such a brilliant man could have so much trouble keeping his right and left feet straight, particularly under duress. Mumbling in his native language and moving with a pronounced limp the smaller man massaged his rump as resumed his position. Lorne and continued to whirl Teyla through the rest of the dance, his arm around the Athosian’s waist. As he guided her, he marveled at the tautly controlled strength in the woman’s every move. Skilled in personal combat techniques, she seemed unfazed by the complexity of the maneuver they had just executed. A thin sheen of sweat glistened across her forehead. She smiled and for a moment Lorne found his face inches from hers. As he drew her closer he felt the heat radiating from her body, and as their eyes met the heat seemed more than just from exertion. Do not go there, he reprimanded himself. There are some places that are just off limits. He concentrated instead on keeping his own right and left feet straight so he didn’t follow Radek to the floor. Lorne had to admit he’d had his doubts when the unofficial Atlantis Social Committee, backed by Colonel Carter, decided a dance might provide a proper social outlet to help everyone de-stress. Sparring accidents had risen at a dramatic rate and Carter was looking for a safer outlet for the growing tension in the Atlantis community. She wanted some activity less violent if not less physically demanding than pseudo combat. Most of his marines sniggered at the idea. Lorne had stopped short of ordering his men to attend, and decided that setting a good example was the better tactic. He might have been raised on the west coast, but his mother’s roots were deep, deep south. He’d spent his youthful summers in Georgia with his Grandma who dragged him to every civil war re-enactment in every neighboring state. Not, she would lecture him, to become a student of war, but to learn the genteel art of being a true Southern gentleman. That meant learning complicated Victorian dances without making a complete fool of himself. He wasn’t so sure her plan worked, since he had enlisted in the military right out of college, much to Grandma’s dismay. She’d be pleased, he thought, to know her efforts were not entirely in vain. It seems he still remembered how to do a fast and mean Virginia Reel. As he finished the thought another string of invective came from the floor area. Lorne turned just as Sam Carter hauled Radek to his feet again, patted him on the back and spun back into line to a chorus of hoots and catcalls from the men watching from the other room. Now that is really gonna smart, Lorne thought. (end)