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beth writing 30 days without

Challenge 205: Once More Unto the Breach

Title: Full Body Contact
Author: maddie_amber
Fandom: Primeval
Rating: K+
Character: Lester
Disclaimer: Primeval doesn’t belong to me.  No infringement intended.  .
Spoilers: None
Summary: Written for Primeval100 Challenge 205, Once More Unto the Breach


Full Body Contact

Stepping out of the lift Lester loosened his tie, his key ready as he approached the door to his flat. 

Another agonizingly long day in an endless week of long days had finally ended.  They had dealt with a record number of anomalies - twelve in all.  Fortunately, the creature incursions had been easily contained. 

Oh, there was that group of Hesperonychus that raised havoc in the conservatory.  Nasty little chickens-sized beasts who thought they were raptors.  

As the door opened, his brain registered Connor’s voice a split second before they made full body contact knocking him on his ass.