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beth writing 30 days without

Fic: The Gift, (1/1) K+ drabble

Title: The Gift

Author: maddie-amber
Word Count: 123
Rating: K+
Challenge: Written for primeval100 Challenge 202: Loyalty
Character: Stephen
Disclaimer: Characters belong to someone else.  Only the plot belongs to me
Warnings: Established character death
Spoilers: I guess you need to have seen the last episode of series two for this one to make sense.  Though it doesn’t really spoil anything.

This is my first fanfic venture into this fandom.  Just a little drabble as I test the water. 



The Gift


They say a man can be judged by those he keeps as friends. 


Some time during the last months, I’ve forgotten that. 


I’ve allowed my mind to be infected by that insidious malady called doubt.


I’ve allowed myself to be corrupted by misguided emotion for a woman who did not care so much about me, as about her own twisted goals. 


I was a fool.


I hurt those I should have been most loyal to. 


And now it comes to this. 


The face I see on the other side of the sealed door isn’t hers.  I only hope that my friends forgive my mistake. 


They say the greatest gift a man can give is to sacrifice his life to save those he loves…