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beth writing 30 days without

FIC: The Watcher (1/1)

Title:  The Watcher
Author: maddie_amber
Genre: Angst
Prompt:  Last Fiction Writer Standing Challenge Prompt 2.  Description: It MUST be told using an original character point of view (the marine guarding the gateroom, the guy who has to clean the blood from the floor of the jumper, the med tech who has to deal with the triage aftermath, the scientist in the lab when everything went bad, etc.). 
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Stargate Atlantis and all its characters belong to MGM. Only the plot belongs to me. 
Spoilers: none
Warnings:  none
Summary:  A silent entity watches over the Atlantis Expedition, and one member in particular.

The Watcher

The Watcher
by, maddie_amber

The blaring alarm pulsed through conduits buried deep within the walls, throbbing along transmission lines and vibrating through deck plates. Seconds later the raw power of the wormhole erupted, eliciting a rush of warmth deep inside her. Medical personnel raced toward the gate room as fatigue clad humans tumbled through the shimmering surface. Orchestrated mayhem ensued as doctors and nurses swarmed over the returning soldiers. Then she saw John Sheppard. His uniform soaked with bright red blood. The CMO snapped commands at her people. “Femoral artery. He needs to be in surgery now. And I want every unit of O-negative we have. Make sure all available donors are on alert. Now, move…move.” They were gone from the gate room in minutes leaving the other members of John’s team standing in numbed silence. Medics were there to assist them; she needed to be where John was.

The surgery was endless. The wait unbearable. Slowly, she saw the surgical team relax. Frantic speed became methodical efficiency. His vital signs stabilized and once again she marveled at the skill of the medical team though she often found their methods crude. A year ago she could barely tolerated the little humans, poking and prodding into everything. Then, she realized that after all the countless years of isolation, they were a welcome distraction. Over time, she came to know their names and recognized their physical forms. Touch dead though most of them were, unable to activate even the most minimal components left by the builders, she came to tolerate their presence. She understood how much his teammates meant to John. They came now to visit him, as they always did until the doctor made them leave. The room was still and quiet.

Carefully, she adjusted the ambient temperature, subtly altering the composition of the air around him, introducing trace elements known to soothe biological forms such as these, information gleaned from surveys of countless worlds over countless years, even releasing subtle pheromones known to calm and promote healing. Like an infant in a womb, she wanted to envelope and protect him. But the other was coming back. The doctor.

“I know.” Jennifer spoke softly to the nurse accompanying her. “I just want to make sure he’s resting comfortably.” Jennifer entered the room, carefully noting the readings on the machines surrounding his bed. She paused a moment a quizzical look on her face. The doctor sniffed as she detected the light fragrance, and then shrugged. “New perfume, Anne?”

“Me?” responded the young woman at her side. “Not really.” Anne sniffed the air experimentally. “I rather like it though.”

“Must be something Teyla was wearing. I’ll have to ask. It reminds me of lavender.”

Anne straightened the sheets that did not need straightened then, nodded to the doctor and left the tiny cubicle. Jennifer lingered checking the various instruments again, then gently laid her hand on his wrist as though the only reassurance was the warm feel of his flesh beneath her fingers. Smiling softly, the doctor nodded then left.

Once again she was alone with him. She adjusted the wavelength of the light next to his bed. That was better. Now he looked less pale. She allowed a gentle puff of air to riffle a lock of his unruly hair. If she could smile she would. For now she would keep vigil as she had done all too often. She would not tire and did not need sleep. She had slept for 10,000 years. Now she would patiently watch, and wait. John had become all important to her. Others could control her systems but only he could bring them to life and make them sing. She owed her awakening mind to him.

She was Atlantis. She was sentient. And he was her heart.