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beth writing 30 days without

FIC: "In Love's Eyes" and "Just for You" - written for the SGA LFWS #4, Warm Up Round

For the first "warm up" round of the SGA LFWS #4, two stories were written around the same theme. There were no word limits and this is an optional, non-elimination round.

Title:In Love’s Eyes
Author: To Be Revealed
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Characters:Teyla, OC
Disclaimer:Stargate belongs to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc, no infringement of any rights is intended.
Prompt for the Round: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


Teyla held the quivering body close to her. Slender shoulders heaved beneath her cradling arms and heart-broken sobs were muffled against her chest as tears wet the fabric of her shirt. And Teyla’s heart ached for this child who had seen too much. The tiny frame wrapped in layers of oversized clothing was too thin, her dull blond hair lank and ragged. This little one had spent the last two days anticipating death. And it had come to haunt her yet again.

Patiently Teyla rocked back and forth waiting until the sobs subsided into soft hiccups. She stoked the child’s back soothing her as best she could as her body jerked with each spasm. As with so many of the children of Athos this one had experienced more loss in her short life than many adults.

Teyla closed her eyes for a moment gathering her thoughts, remembering the chaotic weeks that had brought them to this; the arrival in their camp of the men from Atlantis, the awakening of the Wraith, seeking refuge in the city of the Ancients. Chara’s parents had not survived the destruction of their village on Athos. The child had escaped the culling beam that sucked up her parents because she had chased her beloved pet chula out of their shelter. The love of her pet had saved her life. That same love had sustained her in the traumatic days that followed.

“Chara,” Teyla said softly to the bundle of rags in her arms.

The little girl looked up. Her face was pale and drawn, dark smudges stained the delicate skin under her eyes. She had slept little and wept much. Her lower lip trembled and she took a deep shuddering breath.

There was a reason, Teyla thought, why Athosian parents did not encourage their children to keep pets. Life for all in the Pegasus galaxy was so uncertain, and yet the creature had brought Chara comfort. Rodney had balked at allowing the animal to be kept in the city. He had curled his nose and said it reminded him of an opossum. When Chara had asked what that was he had replied, “An overgrown, marsupial, tree dwelling rat,” and had made his disgust known. But Chara had clung to her small companion finding some measure of comfort in the familiar warm body that snuggled lovingly close to her each night. When she looked at the chula she did not see an ugly, toothless, half blind, ragged coated animal, she saw a beloved lifetime friend.

“It is time.” Teyla struggled to keep the tears from her own voice.

Chara nodded. Slowly she unfolded her arms, revealing the small bundle she had clutched protectively to her. A thin hairless tail poked out of the wrappings, and Chara lovingly tucked it back into its shroud.

She drew herself up and nodded solemnly to Teyla. Then with exaggerated slowness she walked to the small funeral pyre they had erected on the edge of the pier. The waters surrounding Atlantis were strangely quiescent, the surface almost glass. Chara placed her bundle reverently on the small pile of wood and then waited.

“Will you say the words?” she asked her voice catching. She looked up at Teyla her eyes brimming with tears.

Teyla nodded, reaching out. Chara’s small hand slid into hers. With her free hand the little girl somberly took the small torch from the brazier next to the pyre. She lowered the flame to the tinder dry wood and it immediately ignited.

“Spirits of our Ancestors,” Teyla began, the age old words, the timeless ritual the Athosian people used to commend the spirits of those they loved to the afterworld.


Title:Just For You
Author: To Be Revealed
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Genres:Humor/Character Study
Characters:McKay, OC
Disclaimer:Stargate belongs to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc, no infringement of any rights is intended.
Prompt for the Round: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


I made this coffee cup for you
From coils and coils of clay
Round and round and round they went
It took almost all the day.

I hope you like the color
Blue reminded me of you
The red and green are just for fun
You need some fun. You do!

Love, Madison

Rodney almost cringed as he read. Why did little children always cling to him as though he actually liked them? All right this wasn’t any child, it was his sister’s child, but he still hated the clinging. He had made an honest effort to be “Uncle Mer” while he had been on Earth but, he was profoundly glad to escape back to Atlantis and his work knowing full well his niece couldn’t follow him here. He’d done his familial duty hadn’t he?

He looked into the rigid plastic shipping container sitting next to his laptop and this time he did cringe. It was filled with Styrofoam peanuts. He hated Styrofoam peanuts as much as he pretended to hate children. They clung like children. Especially when there was the slightest bit of static, and on Atlantis there was always static.

Cautiously he reached into the offending peanuts. His hand wrapped around the cold ceramic and he tugged it free, Styrofoam adhering to his hand and the mug, then stood staring at his foam flecked prize. He wasn’t exactly sure what he had expected. The object in his hand certainly resembled a cup, in that it was vaguely cylindrical and had a handle of sorts. Any other resemblance ended there. He hesitated for a moment, debating exactly what to do with his gift. Burying it back in the box of Styrofoam might be the best solution. It’s not like Madison would ever come to Atlantis to see what her uncle had done with her work of art.

“Nice,” said a cynical voice behind him. “Carnival prize?”

McKay turned slowly, to see who had made the offending comment. It was one of the new scientists who had just arrived on the Daedelus. His name was Crane, or Rayne, or something that was supposed to rhyme with ‘brain’. Something the man might have, but Rodney had his doubts. Crane or Rayne or whatever was new to Atlantis or he would never have risked the ire of its chief scientist.

Rodney eyed the man coldly, his decision made. He placed the mug next to his laptop, prominently, where everyone could see it. “Object de art,” he said glaring at the man. “Something you should learn to appreciate. You’re in the Pegasus Galaxy now. You find beauty wherever you can.”

Rodney turned the cup a quarter turn, the lab light reflecting from the fluorescent blue glaze. He flicked an offending bit of foam from its rim with his finger as he thought, Lesson learned. By both of us.