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beth writing 30 days without

FIC: "Wavelengths" (1/1) PG - Written for LFWS #3 - Round 2

And that brings us to the LFWS #3, which is a mix of gen and H/C fic.   Unfortunately, I had to skip round one, but this is the story I wrote for round two. 

Title:  Wavelengths
Author:  maddie_amber
Word Count:  520
Disclaimer:  Stargate belongs to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., no infringement of any rights is intended.
Spoilers:  None
Prompt for the Round:  The Inner Geek.  Write a fic in which science is the cause of whump. H/C obligatory.  Word Count:  500, Characters: Any.   




“Dr. Zelenka, focus,” Jennifer shouted at the distraught Czech.  She would have grabbed him by the shoulders and given him a shake had her hands been free.  She didn’t have time to move Evan Lorne to sickbay, he needed a tracheotomy now, or he would suffocate. 

“I need to know what happened on that planet.”

Lorne’s blue lips were a stark contrast to the mottled red blotches that completely covered his face.  He struggled to breath and his heart beat a rapid, erratic rhythm. 

Zelenka stuttered in his native tongue. 

“In English,” she said to the frantic scientist, speaking more sharply that she intended. Zelenka’s eyes were glued to what she was doing.  The scalpel sliding into Lorne’s throat, the bubble of blood, the sudden intake of breath as the tube slid into his throat.  “That’s it, Evan, breathe.  You’re going to be alright.”  She put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.  He nodded weakly.

“Move,” She barked at her medics as they rushed the gurney towards sickbay.

Zelenka stood rooted to the deck, his eyes wide in panic.  Jennifer grabbed him, not gently, by the collars of his jacket, noting the bloody smears she left behind, and DID give him a quick shake.  “I need to know what was going on right before the Major collapsed.”

“We…we…were examining what appeared to be a transmitter.  Wraith in origin.  Able to transmit on several wavelengths we did not recognize.  Possibly for encrypted communications.  Dr. McKay was in another building with a similar device.  When we first turned on the device the Major complained that it made his ‘skin crawl.’  He kept sneezing and seemed unusually anxious.”

“Dr. I need to know if the Major touched, ate or breathed anything.  Could he have been bitten by some thing?”

“Not that I know.  He was standing guard outside the door.  We had turned the machine on a second time when he collapsed.  Will he be all right?”

“I think so.  Was any one else affected to any degree.”  She continued to drag Zelenka behind her towards sickbay. 

“Dr. Hornby said he felt ‘twitchy’”.

Hornby, Jennifer thought.  The man had come through the gate with the rest of the team.  She remembered he had a distraught look on his face, and was scratching his arm, no more like digging his fingernails into the skin.  What, if anything did Hornby and Lorne have in common?  Age, race, gender…eye color for all she knew?  Was there a common trait they shared? 

“Does Hornby carry the ATA gene?”  She asked sharply.

“Uh…”  Zelenka muttered, “I think so.  But very weak.”

And Lorne had a strong ATA manifestation.  ”Dr. Zelenka, what if that machine with the mysterious wavelengths isn’t for communications.  What if it’s a weapon?  Silent and insidious, designed to target only carriers of the ATA gene by stimulating mast cells to release massive amounts of histamine and effectively put the victim into anaphylactic shock.”

“Then when McKay…”

Keller was racing back to the gate room even before she received the call.

“Dr Keller.  SGA-1 is incoming with a medical emergency.  McKay and Sheppard are affected…”