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beth writing 30 days without

February 2015



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Feb. 13th, 2015

beth writing 30 days without

FIC - TWD - Three Moments for Every One - A BETHYL fanfic - Chapter Three - Starting Over

Chapter Two:

Three Moments for Every One - Chapter Three - Starting OverCollapse )
beth writing 30 days without

FIC - TWD - Three Moments for Every One - A BETHYL fanfic - Chapter Two: The Journey

Chapter One:

Three Moments for Every One - Chapter Two - The JourneyCollapse )

Chapter Three:
beth writing 30 days without

FIC - TWD - Three Moments for Every One - A BETHYL fanfic - Chapter One: Recovery

Title: Three Moments for Every One
Author: maddieamber
Word Count: 14,220
No warnings apply to this story. Sorry, that means no smut either.

This is my Bethyl Big Bang 2015 story.

Author's Notes: I would like to express my appreciation to Team Delusional. All their wonderfully thought out metas and theories helped solidify the plot of this story. Thank you.

And a special thank you to expiredloverx who jumped on the chance to claim this story and provide art/graphics.

This story takes place immediately after the events of Coda. Like Slabtown, this is largely a Beth story, because the Beth in my head (the one who dictates everything I write) told me it had to be this way. But stick with me – there will be Bethyl before it’s over.


It was like a nightmare she could not escape, Beth thought as she stood at the window looking out on the city of Atlanta. When Beth regained consciousness she found herself once again a patient at Grady Memorial Hospital. The only thing Beth wanted was information about what had happened to Daryl and her family. The longer she waited the harder it would be to find them. Even the best tracker could not follow a trail almost four weeks cold. Each passing day drove her to start her own search. She did not know what had happened to her family, but if Noah was still with them she hoped that he would convince them to go to Richmond. Day by day that thought became the beacon that led her. She had to find her way to Richmond. And each day as she grew stronger she became more obsessed with the idea. Beth was ready to leave this place. Regardless of the dangers they would encounter on the journey to Richmond, even the uncertainty of what she would find there was preferable to staying here one more moment.

So here it is, all in one piece, under the cut:

Three Moments for Every OneCollapse )

Chapter Two: The Journey

Nov. 13th, 2014

beth writing 30 days without

(no subject)

And every time I read a reference to shaving I remember Michone handing Rick a razor and telling him his face was "losing the war" at the beginning of season four. So the show writers are thinking it too. I usually picture Beth as being the first to get clean whenever possible. Not that farm girls are prissy about dirt. You grow up on a farm. You get dirty.

Oct. 13th, 2014

beth writing 30 days without

My Brain on Bethyl - a master fic list

I've assembled a master list of my TWD fanfiction. Because each story is written to fit into my own headcanon, I've listed them in order from season two to current. If read in this order they form a more, or less, continuous narrative. It's all here under the cut, with links to the stories.

My Brain On Bethyl - http://maddieamber.tumblr.com/My%20Brain%20on%20Bethyl
On AO3 - http://archiveofourown.org/users/maddie_amber/works
On ffnet - https://www.fanfiction.net/u/43182/Maddie
On LiveJournal - http://maddie-amber.livejournal.com/

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Jul. 2nd, 2014

beth writing 30 days without

FIC Drabble Prompt #8 - Surprise

Drabble Prompt #8 - Surprise
Characters: Beth, Daryl, Judith
Words: 316
Rating: G
Set in the Prison

Read more...Collapse )

Jun. 29th, 2014

beth writing 30 days without

FIC - The Walking Dead - Little Hidden Secrets - Bethyl, PG, 1/1

Title: Little Hidden Secrets
Rating: PG
Characters: Maggie, Beth, Daryl, Glenn
Relationships: Maggie/Glenn, Beth/Daryl
Summary: Over a week had passed before Maggie noticed. That was when Maggie really began to watch her sister and Daryl. Oh, there was nothing overt, Maggie would be the first to tell anyone they did not act like a couple. At least not in the traditional sense. Post Terminus from Maggie's POV.

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Jun. 25th, 2014

beth writing 30 days without

TWD Season Three - Deleted Scenes for discussion

I realized last night that I hadn't posted links for the season three deleted scenes. There are only six from this DVD set and they are listed below with links,

3:03 - “Walk with Me” - Michonne and Andrea
3:05 - “Say the Word” Carl and Beth
3:06 - "Hounded" - Group
3:10 - “Home” - Lori and Rick
3:11 - “I Ain’t No Judas” - Carol and Merle
3-12 - “Clear” - Morgan and Rick

Jun. 11th, 2014

beth writing 30 days without

FIC - The Walking Dead - Drabble Prompt - In the Bedroom

Title: In the Bedroom
Words: 354
Characters: Mostly Maggie and Glenn. Mentions everyone. This is what you might call and almost “all ships” fic.
Rating: PG
Post Terminus

Read more...Collapse )
Beth Amber

FIC - The Walking Dead - Moonlight and Forgotten (Re-write) PG

This is an expanded version of the drabble I posted for last weeks drabble challenge Moonlight and Forgotten.

Title: Moonlight and Forgotten
Characters/Relationships: Daryl Dixon, Beth Greene, Bethyl
Rating: PG
Summary: Starts with the fire at the end of "Still" and is an extension of that episode.

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